Release notes

If you are a site regular visitor, this section offers you the list of updates since the last edition in order to save you some time.

version 1.12.1 from 1.11.2001

The Galactic Rebellion : a great campaign in many parts
extensions : update ans new look

The next version will be released in December.

version 1.12.0 from 1.09.2001

PBeM : play Space Opera by eMail
interview of Mark Ratner
interview of Stan Johansen

The next version will be released in October.

version 1.11.0 from 1.04.2001

Special delivery : a scenario for interstellar traders
Renxis : a SPACE OPERA scenario for miners
Androids : how to play androids
Droids : standard models of robots
Scenarios & campaigns : how referees can go about setting up their own campaign universes

The next version will be released in June.

version 1.10.0 from 1.03.2001

Weed war : a submersible adventure
Errata to the SPACE OPERA scenario Vault of the Ni`er Queyon
The Space Opera starship data sheet
The Space Opera planetary data sheet

The next version will be released in April.

version 1.09.0 from 1.02.2001

Amber to red : an animated scenario
Le prix de la survie : an another new scenario
El libertador :  a large scenario
L'ascenceur orbital : role aid
Star master : a very good article for all  SM
Directeur d'opéra spatial : another article to help Star Masters
Characters generator : update of the Excel spreadsheet
the universe of Space Opera
interviews of Jeff Dee and Stefan Jones

The next version will be released early March.

version 1.08.0 from 1.01.2001

site relooking
the Space Opera universe
interviews of Scott Bizar, Ed. Simbalist and Phil McGregor
The Forerunners by Phil McGregor
Bugs report : Bugs psychology
Le grand univers : the tachyon space
Stars, Planets and life : life on planets
realistic FTL? : limitations of FTL travel
update of links
mise en ligne des novels

The next version will be released early February.

version 1.07.0 from 1.12.2000

The snowbird mystery : a new scenario
Planètes en kit : a complete document
Energy weapons and Hard science : limitations against energy weapons
planet generation system : how to build a full planetory system
planetory classification : update 
what does Space Opera means?
"the Void's Call" campaign drawning boards update
Military & Civilian Services update
new rules system for Space Opera
update of the character generation template

The next version will be released early January.

version 1.06.0 du 1.11.2000

new Other Suns/Space Opera scenario
downloadable version of an Other Suns supplement IceWorld
2 new races for OS :  Mahaoli and Silithii
update of goodies heading
Space Opera character sheets
description of a BRINT special service

The next version will be released in early December.

version 1.05.0 from 1.10.2000

update of extensions

new article about aliens

new scenario

planetary classification

new article about star fighters

description of a new survey starship

The next version will be released in early November.

version 1.04.0 from 1.09.2000

translation from some web pages in english

The next version will be released in early October.

version 1.02.0 from 1.07.2000

Updates of FAQs
Updates of a few links
uploading of a new scenario: "the emperor's crime"
uploading of an article on spacecrafts
new emblems for depts and organisations
new table of content for "the call of the emptiness"
update of the section my campaign's bonus
inclusion of the summaries of the modules of the extented section
the next version will be released in early September

The next version will be released in early September.

version 1.01.0 from 1.06.2000

opening of the goodies section
uploading of the megabolt wargame
uploading of two new scenarios: "the tools revolt" and "Simurgh"
mapping of the Earthling area for "the Void's Call" campaign
creation of FAQs for the Void's Call
uploading of previews for the "the Void's Call" and for a small bonus
inclusion of copyrights regarding the extensions illustrations
authorised access for the Spalding's log and the memory banks of the lab
creation of links the drawing boards
new case sensitive button for the table of contents

The next version will be available early July.