Sites about Space Opera are rather rare on the net. I was told there were only two to this day and that there were "rather quiet" (so I was warned). I you happen to know other ones, please do not hesitate to let me know.
This is ron's, the very one who provided us with very good tricks for the game.
Try Graham's core task resolution system welded on Victory Games' James Bond.
This is Phil Mac Gregor's, one of the co-authors of the game.
Here is the official FGU web site for all fans of Space Opera (or of other FGU games).
The official FGU website
To discover absolutely!
FGU mirror site
For Space Opera products and other stuff.
The official FGU fan club
This is the official fan club for FGU and all its releases.
You are not alone! Join Space Opera's egroup and meet other fans.
This group has been created as an aid to the eventual running of Jerry Chaney's Space Opera campaign.
This list is created with the purpose of creating new campaign settings and worlds for the Space Opera Game System.
A mailing list for collectors and fans of both the company and the published works of the role playing game company Fantasy Games Unlimited.
Space Opera Legends
This is a play-by-email game using the rules of FGU's Space Opera role playing game.
Here you will find a varied collection of miniature starship models that have been produced by science fiction fans, & not by any commercial company.
Home of FGU's Space Opera minatures!!!
Welcome to the Future Legend website.
You've got the vessel but do you have StarMap ? A very good  3D stellar map generator.
download the StarMap program from Jim Vassilakos.
By the way, I also want to point out the site of Nasa's National Space Science Data Center de la NASA. There may not be any direct link with the game but a very interesting database for all sci-fi game can be found.
Click on the "photographic resources" hyperlink.
I had to draw your attention to one of the many sites dedicated to the Space 1999 TV soap which I am a big fan of.
to be enjoyed immoderately.
And here are some other sites which deserve a glance.
everything on "StarShip Troopers" movie from Robert Heinlein's novel.
a mine of informations on " Space 2063 "
two very good sites dedicated to "Babylon 5"
To conclude, here are the web sites of our friend Ed without whom this english version would'nt have been possible.
a nice site with parts dedicated to SFrpg.
for C&S lovers...
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