The Void's Call: the Drawn Strip

copyright Ó 1998 Didier BAUDRY

Here are the 17 first boards from "The Void's Call"  volume 1: the stone of M'nar.

You can compare with the original script and so appreciate the work provided by the drawer.

Act II, stage I : de briefing

board 01

board 02

board 03

other time, other place.

board 04

board 05

board 06

Act II, stage II : contact!

board 07

board 08

board 09

board 10

Independance Wars of planets: 2155, Eridani's campaign.

board 11

board 12

board 13

Act II, stage III : discoveries

board 14

board 15

board 16

board 17

Jovian Wars: 2150, battle of Ganimede.
Act II, stage IV : landing

"Cette strip drawn at summer for me a big pain but permitted me also to study a new tentative way where I wanted to recover my work of painting... To this stage I didn't know it again... Dominique's script deserved best and I had to be therefore at more close to his vision and sound atmosphere without either fading away worse to make an impersonal work! It is in it that I understood all the difficulty to remain one even and of to affirm it without being afraid of that that one is going to think some... Started a stake then in work of innumerable drawings and more valid tests until to find a last version that, I believe, is from afar the more close to me and faithful to my eyes of the script of Dom...

Didier Baudry

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