Governmental Services have been classified below according to their military or civil orientation.

The icon allowed you to visualize the badge of the selected body.

Space Marines
Planetary police
Interstellar Survey

Military governmental service


The StarForce is charged of military security within the UFP (United Federation of Planets).

It regroup 3 branches :




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Space Marines

The Space Marines corps composes the assault strength of the StarForce. Every space ship possesses a contingent of Marines for boarding or dropping actions (Mobile Infantry) as welle as raids or planet invasion.

That body divides in 3 branches:


Special Actions Forces (Special Service Commandos)

The SAF are driven to do raids or prolonged operations behinds hostile lines. They can be also dropped on occupied planets to help agents of BRINT to organize resistance

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PDF : Planetary Defense Force

The PDF assures planetary defense against invasions or enemies attacks. It also composes the second or third wave of assault on planets after the landing of the Space Marines. The PDF regroups 3 armies: Earth, Air and Sea.

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BRINT : Bureau of INTelligence

The BRINT agents operate in hostile territories as spies or bunglers. They can also be brought to mobilize and to organize groups of resistance on occupied planets. Because of some of their " specials traits  " missions, BRINT agents and BOSS tend to be especially shy adversaries when the military interests encroach on civil laws.

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Civilian governmental service

IPA : Interstellar Police Agency

The Interstellar police (IP) is a paramilitary organization similar to the StarForce or to BRINT put except that it is assigned to maintain the law and the order in all the spaces the CPU. It intervenes mainly on criminal activities of interplanetary order.

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Planetary Police

It is a paramilitary organization assigned to maintain the order and the law on a planet. It doesn't have authority outside of its jurisdiction and depends of  the IPA to pursue the criminals outside of borders.

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Interstellar Survey

The department of the Interstellar Survey is charged of the exploration of deep space in order to discover new planets in view of their colonization and of their exploitation.

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BOSS : Bureau Of State Security

The BOSS is a paramilitary organization similar to the FBI of the USA from the XXth century on Earth. It is assigned to assure counter spying and to lead some anti - terrorist actions in order to maintain the security of the state. Agents of the BOSS intervene as well whitin civilians or governmental services as well as in private or industrial sectors.

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