You can find there various artefacts that can be useful for the game or just for fun.

Mission to Mars

Screensaver for Micro$oft Windows.

download (1.2 Mo)

Space 1999, eagle 

Two 4 secondes animated avi format files.

download (420 Ko)

download (613 Ko)

Star wars, light sword

copyright 1977© Lucas Film

wav format files for nostalgic jedis.

download (28 Ko)

download (24 Ko)

Space Opera, font 

The font used on the covers of  Space Opera product and two other LCD font style.

download (56 Ko)

Some FGU sci fi games wich succeed or preceed Space Opera

Galactic Conquest

Starships & Spacemen

War of the sky cities

Star Explorer

Other Suns

3-D planetarium program from Ken Silverman

DOS & Win32 versions - Requires VESA or DirectX

Move anywhere! Look anywhere! Fly around the earth or even to other planets! Speed up time and watch the planets orbit really fast. Zoom into a planet to see its phase. Check for solar eclipses or transits of Mercury & Venus. Find rise and set times of any solar system object from anywhere on Earth. Learn geography from the high-res data that can be downloaded separately. All in true perspective with really fast 3-D graphics. The sun, moon, 9 planets and 1,482 stars are all accurate to about 1 arc minute from their actual positions.

download (317 Ko)