Space Opera PBeM

This heading is the mirror site of, a great site running a PBeM Space Opera campaign.

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Unfortunately, these campaign is a one to one game and Jeff is not really looking for players but folks are welcome to come watch and check it out, of course.
Jeff is running another game, Golden Heroes (, which is multiplayer, and stalls are much more frequent.

This campaign is focussed around an operative of the Purr'Meowr'Hiss'Ka, which loosely translates in Terran as "PsiSamurai", an underground Psionic organization. The operative, Turlon Vantilles is a Psi of immense potential.

For those familiar with the "standard" Space Opera background, there are a few changes. Psi are almost completely underground; the TUFP doesn't have a Psi corp, there are no telepaths co-ordinating naval actions, and so on. The Purr'Meowr'Hiss'Ka, as one might expect, originated in the Mek'Purr Aristocracy, but is pan-Galactic in scope.

Some Resources for the Campaign

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