Once again we see how the capitalist individualist mind of the Terran Federation is incapable of understanding the Socio-consciousness of the BUGs. We here at the GPR have made a dialectical scientific study of BUG behaviour and can assert that most previous 'knowledge' of BUGs is bourgeois propaganda propogated by that Federation mouthpiece, Space Opera.

The Bugs are an ancient race. While the planet Terra was being formed the Bugs roamed the stars and built cities that rivalled the Forerunners. Their level of development far surpassed the levels of today's Federation. Slowly, over time, they turned their enourmous resources to philosophical questions, the highpoint of their achievement was the Philosophy of Ick. This philosophy declared (in a vulgarised form that the barbarian Federation conscoiusness can understand) that "Being-in-itself through being-for-another is predicated upon being-as-it-is while being-as-another is just being-silly". Over the next generations, BUGs began the Great Mind Meld, giving up being-for-oneself, and embracing being-with-others. The 'Hive Mind' that is so misunderstood, is not a relic of social structure from the most primitive forms of life, but rather the highest form of social organisation in the universe. BUGs renounced the World, and embraced Society.

All of BUG needs are met by Society. From food, to weapons to art, all of life's requirements are provided for by Social-Organic Interraction. The Fderation Propaganda films of captured of BUG weaponry are just that, simple propaganda. BUG weaponry is provided, like all else, organically. The weapons of the BUGs are the BUG warriors, and in times when ranged weapons have been necessary, The Great EggMothers have been known to produce 'Mutant' BUGs firing deadly projectiles from their limbs. The foul notion that BUGs treat individual BUGs as mere ammunition, has an element of truth. Individual BUGs are tools, instances of the Greater Being that is BUG society, the death of a BUG implies nothing more than the loss of a tool, the BUG's Essence continues to live in the collective consciousness.

Turning to the question of Starships, and the author has had the pleasure of taking Aphid Tea aboard a 400 000 ton Carrier: ships, like all bug 'vehicles' are hyper-complex biolgical entities. Not so much a 'creature' or animal, but a collection of biological processes or a collection of 'creatures'. Just as BUGs develop 'flying BUGS' to act as aircraft, so they have developed intergalactic BUGs to act as their StarNavy.

I can hear your incredulous Imperialistic Federational minds wondering two things. "If the BUGs are so advanced, why don't they splatter us" to which the unflattering answer is that they don't really care much about you and the vast majority of their resources and time are spent pondering philosophical questions in the Great Meld. Secondly; "Well if they are so philosophical, why do they attack Federation (and it must be admitted, occassionally GPR) ships" The Brain BUG aboard the Carrier explained this to me very succinctly. "We don't like you" He said.

Vladimir Illyich
Chief of Revolutionary Misinformation