Space Opera: the game beyond infinity

copyright Ó 01/1990 Dominique Laporte

translation Felipe Morales

Created in 1980 by Ed. Simbalist (also author of the very famous C&S, this hero repeats his success for our greater happiness), Mark Ratner and Phil McGregor, this game immediately imposed itself as THE SFrpg. It is true that the FGU always promoted some ambitious games and great qualities. Applying over to players over 10, it was pigeonholed by the RPG press as over-complicated and aimed at a "technical elite". We will try to repair this injustice by giving you Space Opera as it is really (If you failed your lowest level of school examination then skip this article, this game isn't aimed at unicellular life forms) a rich and passionate game where all literary and film SF types are represented.


Characters creation
Skills & expertise
Psionic talents
Individual combat
Space travel
Space combat

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