Skills & expertise

Our freshly made character, himself borned naked, therefore like a worm. In order to acquire the experience, s/he/it commits (and this condition is imperative) at the age of 18 years to a civil or military service. The different services are:

the Starforce
the marine (ground pounder)
the BOSS (a paramilitary organization as the FBI)
the BRINT (a service of spying like the CIA)
the IPA (Interstellar Police Agency, similar to today's Interpol)
the interstellar surveillance
the interstellar exploration (put the gases Mr Solo)
the commerce (to become a interplanetary commercial  outfit)
the police (so dad saw me...)
to become mercenary

S/he/it remains there from 4 at 20 years (it is the die who determines). This allows him to learn knowledge and to acquire Points of Expertise in a large number of skills. To this end, our adventurer can to decide to continue his/her/its service or to retire and to roll for mustering out benefits. If he chooses the first option, one determines to what rank s/he/it has attained and if s/he/it can benefit from advancements. If he chooses the second option, s/he/it will benefit from advantages of his/her/its service, his/her/its rank (weapon, armor, various materials, etc...), a ticket back for his/her/its planet of origin, and savings on his/her/its balances. No one is left in the street without a single coin, but with sufficient means to take care of oneself.

Now, I come to speak of Points of Expertise and I already see your interrogatory looks upon my humble no one. And well, this PC serves you " to buy " the expertise. They are calculated on the basis of attributes and an average character can hope to have around 80 PC + 5 PC by year of service. Half of the 80 PC gotten must be, inevitably, spent in a field of expertise in related to the player's career (soldier, technician, astronaut,...) and the remainder can be used for any other domain. An example: suppose that a some Luke Skywalker entered to the academy of the Starforce to become astronaut. S/he/it should put 50% of his/her/its PC in Astronautics or other sciences associated and the remaining 50%, s/he/it can learn to use a destructive gun, gyrojet or a laser saber...

Every expertise costs 0 (the hopeless big) to 10 (the expert) and cost a variable number of PC by level of instruction. So the botanical Xéno costs 3 PC by level, if a character wants to become a crack in this domain s/he/it should spend 30 PC. I reassure you, it is not indispensable to put as many points and he/it is perfectly possible to learn by oneself - even a certain discipline by a professor, a droïde or a bank of data. This time, a longer time, is associated to every level of instruction. To take the example of the Xéno botany, 3 months of formations are necessary by level and to every level one throws the die to know if " the pupil " learned his/her/its lesson well.

There are distributed 205 expertise in 5 different fields (scientific, military, astronautics, technical and general) This lets a large margin of ideas and options for you and your players.