Space combat

After what I presented to you on the individual fight, you might think that there is not anything more murderous in this game. And, well, it is false! Read what follows and you will see that was the case until the skylarking [space traveling], to the point that authors themselves advise against your players to take part in a spatial battle.

37 000 years ago, archaeologists of the Korelien empire discovered weapons dating to the time of Precursors endowed of enormous power of destruction. According to regions of that space, one calls them NovaCannon, Sun Cannon , Désintégrateur, Bundle Directs[?] or Phaseur. Whereas a laser is too slow in TISA flight to be efficient the Novafire is an energy in phase to the Tachyon universe. Its energy is provided by the explosion of KTAM loads (KlysesTron Anti- Matter) in ignition spaces reinforced by forcefields VVR. The bundle of pulsé energy, KCX3, passes through the hyperspace to emerge on the position of the target and it is capable of 1000 LSS range(1000 times the distance that light travels during 1 second is about 300 millions of kilometers) before its field of spatial anomaly doesn't vanish.

To resist such a power of fire, vessels possess a shell in collapsium (an Argentinian crystalline substance created to a pressure and a temperature equivalent to that found in the center of high density planets) reinforced by a force screen of TBX.

As for the living beings, the spatial ships are endowed with points of damage (or Damage Capacity, some English). For every +1 of increment of the force screen, one adds 10% to the DC with a minimum of 1000 DC and a maximum of 75000 DC. Screens absorb all the energy of NovaCannons until they be reduced to 0, in order to be penetrated. In this case they stop d10X10% of damages and the remainder only is removed from the DC of the same vessel.

I am going to give you the example that is found in rules because I am a thick loafer [headed?]. A " Islander" 500t have an armor +3 (shell of the ship) and a force screen of +7, either one protective factor of +10. The DC of screens is 7X(0.1)X500 = 350, but it is raised until the minimum of 1000 DC. If the explosion of energy don't penetrate the screen, it will absorb all the energy until competition of 1000 DC. Suppose that screens took 3 strokes making 300 pts, a pity (pittance?). The penetration of the weapon is only 9, the screens have absorbed all 300 points of damage that reduces the force screen to 700 points. So, another quoted example, the penetration of the weapon had been 11, that is sufficient to surmount defense levels of +10, screens would only have absorbed d10X10% of the energy. Let's suppose that the throw is 6, one, gets 6 x 10% = 60%, 180 pts on the 300 pts of damage have nevertheless been stopped by the force screen, that lets 120 pts to be removed from the DC of the vessel.

A tour of fight lasts 5 minutes in the game and is divided like follows:

orders: direction, acceleration.
initiative: the most elevated throw on 1d6
displacement: according to orders [Movement]
shooting: designation of targets
all Nova weapons (simultaneous shootings)
spatial torpedo launching
return to beginning

A to hit table for the NovaCannon (Book 2, p 66) gives the percentage to hit according to the distance and of the speed of the target. Example (I am indeed generous today): one flying X-wing hunter at 200 LSS and a flying TIE hunter at 150 LSS shoot at each other therefore, their speed difference is only 100 LSS (about 100 times the distance Earth-Moon). The first has 59% to hit its target, whereas the second only has 49%.

The Factor table of success for the NovaCannon (Book 2, p 67) indicates the damage of the strike. (I admit that one would be able without review, but, that, you want to do, Ed always made rules searched). I continue my example: Luke in his hunter hits, the famous unknown imperial pilot lack (to change). The hunter possesses 4 cannons N*25 (to designate the Nova Cannon making 25 pts of damages), the TIE hunter harvests 4 x25 x0,59 (this number is given by the Factor table of Sucked) = 59 points of damages. You know the routine: penetration check, damages carried to the screen or soft-boiled...

I don't dare tell you when there are two big vessels that get on the guns... and then comes the moment of the boarding. To this stage, men are obliged to fight in spatial combination. The passage between elements pressurisés/dépressurisés proves to be generally dramatic. Fights in the narrow passageways cruelly limit the mobility. A gash and it is the death by anorexia (it is the the softest way to die because the lack of oxygen provokes one progressive numbness of the brain), a rip and one meets the infamous mush because of the emptiness [of space] or in block of ice because of the cold weather. All depends if the fall in temperature gets to him more quickly than the low pressure... In the two cases, the automatic injections by TKM bracelet are useless because vessels cannot transport the marvelous product in a suitable center, anymore, which could have brought back you to life. The first time that makes funny.