Characters creation

The player starts with choosing his career. There are five careers available: soldier, technician, researcher, scientific, physician, engineer and astronaut. They permit the acquistion of expertise in variety of domains that we shall see hereafter.

All characters are defined by one list of gradual attributes of 01 to 19. These attributes represent the Physique (size and body mass), Strength (I do not need to explain along with other physical attributes), Constitution, Agility, Dexterity, Empathy (permits you to get inside someone and to understand him. Bigger the empathy and more it is easy to start a conversation with a stranger for example), Intelligence, Psionic, Bravery and Leadership (for a soldier it permits him to lead his men to the fight), plus three aptitudes that measure the ease of training in General Technical (GTA), Mechanical (MechA) and Electronic (ElecA). Note that all of these attributes benefits from bonuses assigned to the chosen career. So a physician will have bonuses on Dexterity, Intelligence and Intuition; a soldier on Physique, Strength, Constitution, Agility bravery and Leadership.

The player determines his planet of birth that is defined by three points: gravity, atmosphere and climate. If our adventurer was born on a planetoid of 0.2 G he will have a bigger size but a weaker body weight that if had been born on a planet of 2.5 G! He will also have problems, if he is accustomed to a weak air pressure (of the order of 500 Hg mm), if he disembarks in a middle of high air pressure (2000 Hg mm). His metabolism is going to burn the surplus of oxygen and too quickly, he will unhappily die from asphyxiation!

Finally, climatic conditions can go from ice planets, like Hoth, to the more arid deserts as on Dune. Evidently, more the planet of birth will be hostile and more the character will benefit from bonuses on his attributes (Intelligence, Constitution) and expertise of survival (desert, forest, Arctic, etc...). But don't worry. I presented you extreme cases and generally one falls on conditions similar to our good old earth.

One finishes the creation of the character by his race. One can choose between Human & Humanoids, Transhumans (kind of superman like Mr Spock), Pithecine (descendants of primates), Canine (descendants of dogs or wolves), Feline (descendants of big cats), Ursoïdes (descendants of bears), Avians (descendants of birds) and Saurian (warm blooded humanoid lizards. I told you, they are everywhere!). Every race is described very well including his tolerance to gravity, atmosphere, climate, radiation and sun of his system. There are also short descriptions on appearance, vision, hearing, smell and social behavior. In short, it just remains to play.

I would draw your attention to the fact that if your favorite character gets himself killed, the science can revive you more easily and with very low prices to those exercised by clerics (provided that he remains something of his miserable carnal envelope). The natural organ transplantation or artificial growth can replace lost members at the time of expeditions, also inauspiciously...

In a word: one can explode itself!