Individual combat

There are two types of individual fight. The melee (that I will land in a next number because my room is counted) and snipes at targets with laser. In the second case, direct fire is given a percentage, according to the distance of the target (point blank, short , medium, long and extrême range),the position of the gunman (standing, on the knees, lying, the head in bottom, etc...). A table of modifiers (speed of the target, level of expertise with the weapon,...) is also given. The final number is the minimum number that it is necessary to achieve on a d100 to hit the target. But it doesn't stop there...

In Space Opera you have all archaic, modern or futuristic weapon lists that one arranges in three categories. In the first category one finds weapons of scrum (knives, katana, curse,...); in the second missiles, fire arms, (M16, AUTOMAG,...) and explosives of chemical nature; and in the third weapons to energy (laser, destructive, plasma,...). To every category corresponds a code according to the armor of the adversary. Example: PAPA scout type armor (Power Assisted Personal Armour), it is the armors of battle described in the novel " the Forever War " of Joe Haldeman, will have a protection class of C/B/C armor [Melee/Missle/Energy]. The scale of armor classes is spread from A (the maximum for a personal armor if one doesn't take into account force screens -ie Dune of Frank Herbert-) to K (the armor of some leather). To this code corresponds a minimal number to achieve on a die of 10 faces to penetrate the armor in question. As I am very luné today, I am going to give you another example. The fusion gun possesses the following table:














Factor of Injury















The first column is the rate of shooting. It is possible to shoot in semi-automatic (2 shootings per round) or automatic (10 shootings per round). The second column indicates the number of loads (here 20, capable of 10 bursts in shooting semi-auto). Then, comes the penetration of the weapon according to the armor. So, to penetrate the PAPA armor of the example above, it is necessary to make 3 or more on a d10 (the fusion is a weapon energizing therefore one takes the C code). For your personal information (in the second row), the letter "A" means: Automatic penetration. As a comparison, a complete set of flak armor possesses a protection class of H...

Don't fall out of your armchair, this (fusion) weapon is most murderous. The 44 automags of our dear inspector harry would not manage to pierce flak armor, (so easily). Finally, for the last column read what follows.

If the armor is penetrated, one determines location, then the amount of injury [rated from scratch to critical]. This last takes into account the location and the weapon used. You understand easily that pain increases if one takes a fusion strike in the head than a club strike in the arm; from there a factor of injury according to the weapon employed. It is there that one perceives the importance of armor because, in general, when damage passes (the armor), you break...

I sum up what we have seen:

throw of a d100 to hit
throw of a d100 to localize (location)
throw of a d10 to penetrate
throw of a d20 for the injury (damage)

Does it remind you anything? The RuneQuest system, of course, but with a table of injury of the rare kind. One advances in known country. I hope that you now realize of the simplicity of fights.