Space Opera Starter Kit

copyright Ó 05/2001 Dominique Laporte

Newbies are sometimes disabled when confronted to Space Opera core rules. This article is intented to guide you through the process creation of your PC. You just have to fellow the steps below. Veterans SM will found these steps doesn't match the exact order of PC creation given in the officials rules but this was made to simplify as much as possible the process for inexperienced players.

step 1: Character classes

Choose the PC profession. 

step 2: Character carreers

Then choose in which branch, civilian or military oriented, the PC will come from. Note the minimum requisites the attibutes must match.

step 3: Character race

And now choose the PC race. Note the minimum requisites of his/her specie and his home planetary type.

step 4: Personnal characteristics

Whatever method you elect for (random or distributed), remember of minimum requisites for character carreer and race.

step 5: Planet of birth

The planet of birth will have an effect on several of the personal characteristics. In some cases, a PC will find that a result has influenced his options on a later table. Some of the results will give a PC certain advantages or disadvantages when faced with conditions similar to or radically different from those of his home planet. Roll dice as indicated for each of the following tables, in consecutive orders:

Planetary gravity field

Planetary atmosphere

Planetary climate

step 6: Physique

Apply modifiers resulting from planetary gravity field table above. 

step 7: Initial enlistment

This step will give the PC total skill points.

step 8: let's finish by calulate DF and attribute skill points as describe in SO vol 1.

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