The purpose of this heading is to offer people the opportunity to get in touch with each other. For that, we propose two means:

the mailing list: to exchange informations between fans.
the fans directory: very useful if you are looking for a club near your state or your county.


The Space Opera mailing list

Using a mailing list is very simple. You are registered by email to a list devoted to a particular subject (a rpg, cinema, sport,etc...). Thereafter, you will receive emails that every one send on this list. Each email is sent automatically to all registered members of the list. To answer, you just have to use the reply function of your mails program, and you will reply automatically to all the participants of the list.

If you don't want to receive emails any more of the mailing list, you just have to unsubscribe (see below).

Althought this ML is run in english, you can write in your native language.


The fans directory

Here is a brief list of Space Opera fans. The icons and tell whether the person is English of French speaking.

Roberto Silva (Italy)


William Lewis (Colorado, USA)


Sébastien Galtier (Atlanta, USA)


Benoit Ouvrard (75)


Niall Shapero (California, USA)

ICQ# 129741182

Daniel Szymanski (34)


Brian Smaller (New Zealand)


Nicolas Hurisse (43)

ICQ# 108427757

Allan McGahan (Australia)  
Jean-Do Jodin (93)  
Angola (Paris, France native from UK)  
Terry Mullins (Australia)  
Sven Norén (Sweden)  
Bruno Merle (84)  
Eva Hopkins (USA)  
Felipe Morales (Salinas, CA, USA)  
Jean-Michel Got (79)  
Pierre Zaplotny (31)  
William K. McCarthy  
Melchar (California, USA)  
Scribe Gob  
Guillaume Bessis  
Hubert Tournier (78)  
Graham Spearing (Sheffield, UK)  
Glenn Price (Georgia, USA)  
Michel Cuccia (94)  
Jean-Hugues Villacampa (75)  
Marc Charpentier (13)  
Tim O'Reilly  
Mikhaël Moreau  
Dominique Jouniot (94)  
tunglashr (Olympia, WA)  
Karl Scriba (USA)  
Jason Saynor (England)  
Vincent Meuheut  
Dominique Laporte (05)


If you want to be part of this directory please complete the following form :

Name and first name (or nickname)

State or County