From : Mike Hillsgrove

Man's beginning in space.  In a small New Mexico town in 1947, an
exploritory craft from the an unknown civilization crashed in the desert.
Large parts of the craft were recovered  fairly intact, yet humanity was
just begining to comprehend the kinds of theories and technologies required
to reproduce such craft. Quietly, secretly, the American government
established laboritorys and research centers to study and learn in hopes of
finding technologies to make it the preeminite power on the planet.
Technologies like the microchip, velcro, transputers (galium aluminum
arsinide technology) emerged from the research and funded even greated

The break came in 2010 with the development of cold fusion and inertial
shield generators, aided by the super fast transputer, which allowed the
construction of ships for which inertia, and therefore gravity itself was
not a barrier.  It was found that even a flashlight could propel a ship
without the limitation of Newtons laws.  By 2025, the first major ship was
constructed and began mans preliminary step toward the stars.  What man
found was more than he could dream of.

The universe was a populated one, many races, many worlds, some far older
than our bumbling barbaric race.   The problem was that man was not destined
for the stars just yet.  In the councils and federations of the civilized
races of this part of the galaxy it was decided to take the planet earth
under the wing of the older and wiser species. Earth became the ward of the
Ismel, a scientifically advanced species charged with preventing the
exploitation of this new stellar nation, and teaching the ways of the
universe.  The "Guardians" as the Ismel were known as on earth, was an
ethical race. They had their hand full.

The Earth year is 225 PC (post contact).  Earth is being admitted to the
League of Independent Worlds (sponsered by the Guardians).  Free to explore,
free to trade, and with enough rope to hang itself, the fun for the
barbarian planet earth is about to begin.

 From : Dom
well, I think we have to begin by something...
I suggest to keep the fellowing attributes
and that we use a 1-20 scale (like in C&S)
roll 30d6 (or 10 times 3d6) and let player decide the scores he wants in his attributes.
NB: remember players of the minimum attributes for enlisment.

From :

The distinction between AG and DEX is one of the feature I like
in SO. It is probably the only game on the marketplace that
makes that distinction and I think it can gives many different
and interesting character profiles...