The year is 2866 A.D. It is now over 570 years since Man left the safety of Earth behind and expanded throughout the Solar System. Colonies were quickly founded on the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

It is 354 years since the Famous Fleet Alpha left our Solar System for with a terraforming and colonization fleet for our next nearest celestial neighbour Alpha Centauri. Arriving 24 years after they left and establishing a new frontier world on an earthlike planet. Those first founders would be shocked to know that today a conventional spacecraft can do the same journey in just over 4 years.

Two other star systems have been explored and colonized since then 272 years ago Man reached out to the Proxima system and then in an event that changed the fate of mankind forever just 112 years ago what is now known as New Atlantis was founded.

On the 1st planet settled the colonists made a discovery that altered mankinds Spiritual and Technological path for all time. The colonists discovered an ancient deserted city, long abandoned by it’s builders and yet at the same time hauntingly familiar. Within the City was direct evidence that the Earth was seeded by an ancient starfaring race together with a PROPHECY containing instructions for their return.

Within the writings contained in the city were clear and precise instructions to the location of the fabled city of Atlantis on Earth itself.

Jump Gates allow instant travel between established worlds but now more than ever Man is expanding across the Galaxy as the search for new planets seeded and or abandoned by the Ancients increases with the rewards to these explorers being wealth both in minerals and technology and fame.

Already the exploration of Atlantis at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean has unearthed new technology and the possibilty of ftl travel without Jump Gates.

But the search is more than just the need for knowledge, wealth and power, within the writings is a warning that a way to the Ancients must be found or all will be in vain and mankind doomed.